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Welcome to Branwen Arts School!

Branwen Arts School is a pure Chinese art school, providing high-quality courses for toddlers over 18 months to adults. Our purpose is to promote Chinese culture and show the essence of Chinese culture and art to the world. Our educators include senior pre-school diploma holders, Master of Arts, Doctorates, professional Chinese opera actors, musicians, calligraphers and painters. They have experience and a sense of responsibility on a child’s physical and mental development. The educators have all received advanced, professional and rigorous training in language, general and specialised knowledge, arts, and social skills. Our students will prove the wisdom of their parents’ choice in selecting Branwen Arts School with excellent performances!


School Ideology

Rigorous teaching           Moral education          Pursuit of excellence

School Characteristics

Our Chinese language courses are currently the most unique in the language teaching industry. Our school will not just allow children to experience the joy of learning through singing and dancing, but also will lead them on a journey through the glorious Chinese literature, learning outstanding ancient and modern literary works. The students will learn and appreciate Chinese opera, one of the three ancient dramas of the world, and Gu Zheng (a Chinese musical instrument). These contents are rich in the essence of Chinese philosophy. Through colourful literary and artistic works, the children’s aesthetic taste will be cultivated. Their imagination and creativity are enriched, their potentials are stimulated, and their wisdoms are enhanced.

Our goals are to develop each child into a healthy, confident individual in both mind and body; to lay a solid academic foundation from an early age; to develop a passion for lifelong learning in the child.


Branwen Arts School will provide students with a stage to express and showcase themselves.

Children’s Music and Dance Troupe

   Branwen Arts School’s Opera Troupe

(Our school recommends outstanding students to take part in the Chinese Dance examination and obtain a certificate from the China Dancers Association. They will also have the opportunity to perform at home and abroad.)

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